When joyful expectations turns to intense sadness ...
Mucho Bravo Bonfire Gizmo
13 may 1997  - 08 june 2005
  With intense pain in our hearts, we had to said 
goodbye to our "Bon-bonnetje"!!!

In the last days of her pregnancy, Bonnie had an internal hemmorage. For that reason we decided to have the puppies by Cessarian section. During the operation it was not the anemia that was making her so weak but the internal bleeding in the uterus. Bonnie survived the operation but was too weak for a blood transfusion and died shortly thereafter.

 Of the two puppies, one was also not strong enough. The other, we quickly named "Bonjo", as it seemed he would survive. Once at home BeeBop, Bonnie's daughter, completely took over the care of Bonjo. She licked him off and gave him her love. But also Bonjo seemed to be not strong enough and we could not get him to drink. Finally, he also was not able to survive.

We are terribly sad over the passing of Bonnie!
For me she was my "little love", my pal, my companion and my dearest dog...

She was my first Havanese and I had a very special bond with her. We understood each other. 

It is only 4 months ago that we went to Noordwijk and walked for hours on the beach. 

 She loved it, to run as much as she wanted, barking at the gulls and sniffing the shells on the beach. It was impossible to tire her out. Together we experienced much, until BeeBop and Floortje joined us. 
Then we had to share our attention.


Bonnie gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies and passed on her character and beauty. 

She was a "Brick" of a dog and very strong. 

Because of these reasons it is so difficult that she is no longer with us...

This is the difficulty for each breeder. Let it be a lesson for everyone who thinks "just to have one litter". It is difficult to suppress the grief when you await new life and then you have to let one go!


DEAR BON...Thank you!!!
 For your love, comfort and warmth.
 I shall never forget how much you loved our walks in the 
woods and how you loved to chase the horses in the field. 
How you would jump up on the table and eat the sausages 
when we were saying goodby to visitors and how you would 
secretly sip on my glass of white wine.
 Thank you for your wonderful children, you live through them! 

Now we must go further without you and that is difficult. 
We must put our sadness away. 
But, there will come a time when, 
with smiling faces, 
we can experience all the good things we had. 

We miss you terribly...
and we shall never forget you!!!