I am a breeder who follows all of the breed regulations of the Havanezer Club Nederland and I am actively involved in all HCN activities and club administrations. 

Naturally the dogs follow the requirements that the HCN is required from the parents of the puppies.

Good health and good character are my most important requirements for choosing the best breeding combinations. 

My puppies are raised in a household environment and are well socialized. They are accustomed to children and all the household activities . 
All puppies will have had all shots, will be dewormed and will be eligible for pedigree and HCN certification. I work with a purchase deed where the welfare of the pup is of utmost importance.

It is very important to me that each puppy goes to a good home. Prospective owners must  be able to build a good bond  with their Havanese. I will provide the purchaser of the pup all the guidance that they may require. I will also be available for questions after the pup is taken to their new home.

When a new litter of pups is born, I ensure that the entire first three weeks in the house are very peaceful. This will allow the mother to protect her puppies in a peaceful environment. During these three weeks I regularly take photos for the "puppies page" so the future owner can follow their growth. After this rest period everyone is welcome to come and admire the puppies.

When the puppies are old enough and weather permitting, they can play in the garden for a short period each day. They always enjoy this and our garden is big enough and has a large run. They play full of spirit. 

 The Havanese is an affectionate, happy and gentle dog with a wonderful character.
With their extraordinary intelligence this breed is easy to raise. 

If you wish more information please feel free to contact me!

Den Kaat 3, 7707 PG Balkbrug
The Netherlands
Phone: 0031-523 657 687