Dutch Youth Champ,
Dutch, Belgian, German (VDK&VK) &
International Champion
Bundessieger '08

Patella 0/0
PRA, Cataract free; 2007, 2008, 2009
Colour: Black/Tan/White,  DNAprofile registered

When Boris was 4 weeks old I was certain that life without him would be very different. His mischievous head and glistening eyes and the joy that he brings is unique.

Life for Boris is one big celebration and if there is nothing to celebrate he will invent something.

The phrase that “Boris is a small dog with big ambitions” is a true definition of Boris.

He is a “Happy-Go-Lucky”, dog, always enthusiastic and often also a little mischievous.
His eyes will melt your heart. 

He can play endlessly with his ball and if there is no one else who will play with him he is happy to play by himself. Tirelessly. Boris is an excellent companion! 

That is why everyone falls head over heels in love with him.



Boris needed just 4 shows to become


In the summer Boris can amuse himself in the garden for the whole day. He sees all the birds flying by and the horses in the field can not take a step without Boris noticing them. He is extremely observant!


Swim Diploma Earned...!!!

During our daily walk in the woods we always pass by a large pond. Not much interest is shown in the pond other than a little drink of water. However, today, ... In a whim of "crazyness" with much back and forth running beside the pond, there was suddenly a 
huge jump!   SPLASH!!!
It seemed that the water was too cold and so very quickly got out....!!!    




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